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Coalition of Prophets

Lee Grady: The Mordecai Project

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American Family Association -- American Family Action Website
AgapePress -- Reliable News from a Christian Source!

Visit Bible Gateway,
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Blue Letter Bible






Prophetic-Apostolic Ministries was founded by Gene Bacon for the purpose of strengthening the Church through Prophetic and Apostolic ministry. An emphasis is on the restoration of prophets and apostles and their proper function and relationship to the New Testament Church.

Gene is an an itinerant prophetic minister to the US and other nations.


Gene will be speaking at various conferences in different cities.


Please visit the 'Calendar' page for Gene's 2016 ministry dates and registration

July 14-16, 2016
Centreville, MI
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Online News:


We are excited to be sharing the Good News on Youtube! We are also on Facebook.

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Watch the PAM Conference in Portland, Oregon:
"Revival and The Power of The Holy Spirit"
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Lee Grady has written an incredible article that I believe is a very accurate and important prophetic message for the church today:  

Click To Read this Important Article:
Recovering The Axe Head of Genuine Annointing

 (please also make sure you visit his and other ministry websites - link to the left of this page)







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